Booking resrvation - from Bologna to Paris



I would like to book two journeys with two global interrail passes from Bologna Centrale to Paris on August 30, 2024. Here are the details


departure bologna centrale 9.36 am

arrival paris gare de lyon 7.38 pm


The route is already displayed on the rail planner application. However, I don't know where to make my reservation. Do I have to take each trip separately (there are two connections in Milan and Zurich) and if so, on which websites should I book?


Thanks in advance.


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It's better if you write all in the same thread:

I added there a guide with the best places to book. If that doesn't work let us know.


Thank you for your reply but I do not find my question to my answer.

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What isn’t clear in the guide? The first train to Milan is a domestic Frecciarossa run by Trenitalia (13€). Use Rail Europe as suggested in the guide. Same thing for the cross-border EC to Zurich (13€). Rail Europe works well for the TGV Lyria to Paris too (29€).

Let us know what doesn’t work.