Booking seat reservation issue (Barcelona to Amsterdam)

  • 1 April 2022
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Hi everyone my boyfriend and I recently bought the 4 day global pass and one of the trips we are trying to book is a route that goes from Barcelona to Amsterdam on May 29th. All routes on rail planner that go from Barcelona to Amsterdam require us to stop in Paris first. We are able to book the train from Barcelona to Paris but all trains from Paris to Amsterdam on that same day say “seat reservation unavailable” and “prices temporarily unavailable”. My first thought was that it is sold out but do train reservation really sell out that fast when we are this far ahead from the trip? If so that's fine but I wish Eurail offer alternate routes that goes from Barcelona to Amsterdam. 


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The DIREct trains,as you likely know if you are also dutch, are Thalys and also have a fairly hefty extra surcharge. Its most likely that there arre works somewhere along the 500 KMs on that line between P-A so trains may be rerouted or cut short. The site of thalys witll probably tell. THis is just 1 of the many wonders that trains often have-and airplanes hardly.

You can-maybe -save money by using those train only to Brussel and change to hourly BeNeLux train-but this may also be hit by the works.

Or the Inland FRnch TGV to LIlle-walk over to other station and use the train to Antwerpen and BeNeLux from there. That woiuld also be considerably cheaper in extra to pay.

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29 May is the Sunday after the long weekend of Ascension day and many people will therefore be travelling. Unsurprisingly, there are no more passholder seats Paris - Amsterdam on that day. There is some availability to Brussels, but too late to catch the last IC to Amsterdam. There is also some availability to Lille (€10), where you can catch the IC to Kortrijk - Antwerp - Amsterdam (no reservations, arr. 23:35).