Booking seat reservations from Australia

  • 16 May 2023
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My partner and I have bought rail passes through Eurail ; and are using it for our trip through Spain 
All of our trips are on fast trains and need to apparently book seat reservations ASAP ; however we live in Australia and cannot get to a Spanish train station to make the seat reservations 
How do we going about reserving seats for the trips ? 

We have the eurail planner app and we have both marked our trips out and and attached to our eurail passes on the app , but I assume that doesn’t mean that we have a guaranteed spot on the train 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Thankyou very much


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Here are the known ways to make seat reservations in Spain :

Availability shouldn't be problem if you make all the reservations when you enter the country. There is no quota so as long as the train isn't full, you can make Eurail seat reservations.

Second option if you're worried :

There is a substantial booking fee but they're directly emailed to you