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Why is it saying all these train times are available and then I get to purchase and it says “one of the legs of your journey could not be booked” 

This is happening with all like 10 train times available for the entire day?? 
is this a glitch? 


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People can only help if you give route, date and departure time.

Besides that, the Eurail website is often not the best or the cheapest website to book. Check this thread:

and this page:

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Interrail/Eurail indeed doesn't show availability until you've bought or added a pass (which is a shame).

Thalys and Eurostar trains + TGVs from Belgium have a quota for passholders but that is more like an exception. Usually as long as you can buy a regular ticket, there are available seats.

However some trains are very popular : for example night trains, TGVs from Paris heading south, especially to Barcelona. Those can sell out weeks in advance in summer (no regular tickets available either as there's no quota).

Don't worry, there are always alternatives. We'll gladly give you advice.