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  • 11 May 2022
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Hi, I am a first time eurail user from Australia! Just bought a eurail pass for myself and 3 others. Having a bit of trouble figuring out the best way to make train reservations and link the pass to a journey. I have a few questions I would love answered.


  1. Once I link the pass to a trip created on the app, am I then able to edit or unlink the pass? 
  2. How can I make reservations for train seats and sleepers for overnight trains without getting charged more than necessary, on an external website? Ie. is there something I can use to put in a code for my pass or something?
  3. I have a 7 day in a month pass, how does the eurail pass know the maximum journey cap and calculate it? Is it possible to then for example overbook an extra train/day and then get charged extra (want to avoid this)?
  4. I bought tickets for all 4 of us, but we will be on the same journey. What is the best way to go about booking for all of us and using the passes, should we all just input the same trip onto seperate phones and then activate them separately, but then how do we get seat reservations next to each other? Or should I activate and book everyones pass? Whats the easiest way.


Any help would be great! I am very confused and don’t want to mess up. Thanks :)


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2.) depends on the Companies sometimes you need to tick a box to say hi I wanna reserve with a Eurailpass on others you just select the Seat only option as there are so many Websites it´s easier to assist if you let us know which routes you are asking for.

You can´t add any journey to your pass if you doesn´t have any traveldays left.

Reservations are seperate you can book all 4 reservations together the standard systems try to provide seats next to each other but this is not always possible :/
On some websites you can select your seats from a Carriage Map.
I prefer that everyone have the pass on it´s own phone so if someone get lost on the route and travel with his Railpass onwards. if you have all passes on one phone all have to travel together at any time.