Bosphorus Express and connexion

  • 11 August 2022
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We want to take Bosphorus Express (Bucuresti —> Istanbul) just after the night train from Budapest to Bucuresti but, if someone already did that, we have some questions : 

  • We have 3hours for the connexion, do you think this is possible ? (Or does the train from Budapest to Bucuresti is often delayed?) 
  • Do you think we can book our tickets the day for the day for the Bosphorus express? (We are in the middle of august we are afraid it will be full). We ask the company CFR and it is not possible to book it online or by phone/email with interrail passes. 

Thank you for your help !! :) 



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2 replies

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Badge +5 is not a train-it is just 1 car-couchette-that gets shunted from 1-2-3 on the way-to join the normal Sofia train. Surcharge is about 14/.15€ extra.

2.untill now about all report tell there are nearly always space on the day-but there never ever is a 100% garantee. In such case: you could-in theory-do the same trip in the other cars attached and change finally-if space there is-in the portion from Sofia

Hi! was wondering what you ended up doing ! I’ll be doing the same trip on June 27th