Bought a Global Eurail pass but not able to reserve a seat

  • 18 July 2023
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I just purchased a global Eurail pass and created a Eurail account, and now I want to reserve a seat to get from Vienna to Amsterdam (any route possible).

I’ve tried multiple different routes, days, browsers etc. but every time when I get to the check out screen, the system runs an error and says “something went wrong”. 

I’ve sunk 6 hours into trying to reserve this trip. It’s really frustrating.

Am I missing something?


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What is your travel date ? Otherwise we won't be able to help.

ICE trains between Germany and the Netherlands have mandatory reservations this summer. They can sell out a bit in advance but there are slower reservation-free regional trains available.

Optional seat reservations are also much more expensive on

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Seats on that train (assuming you want the direct night train) are best booked on It’s more reliable and doesn't have extra booking fees. Add the Interrail/Eurail discount for each passenger.

If that doesn't work for you, then please mention your travel date.

Thanks! We want to travel Saturday 29th July, but can be flexible. 

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There are places available for this connection:

You can book on

In 2nd class, it's €3 per person and train and you can use "Seat reservation only”

In 1st class, it's free of charge if you add the "Interrail/Eurail” discount for each passenger and then select "One-way tickets”. In addition, you'll need to book both trains separately, or else you'll only have seats for the second train and you also want them for the first one (it's going to be busy).

Thank you so much!

I went onto the Nightjet website and successfully booked! Honestly -- without your help, I would never have worked out that I needed to add the Eurail pass as a discount for each passenger.

The Eurail website and reservation experience sunk 6-8hrs of my time, but with your help just now, I was able to book via Nightjet within seconds. I’m very grateful for your help.