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  • 18 September 2023
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Hi all. Please help us to decide which train schedule is better for us as we travel with toddler. 

We plan to leave Brugge on 11th Nov around 9am. Previously we got suggestions from this community to take IC from Brugge to Kortrijk, Kortrijk to Lille Flandres, then take TGV from Lille Flandres to Paris, as it would be many available seats from Lille Flandres and reservation fees much cheaper  

But so far we checked the schedule from Rail Planner App or Belgian Train website or SNCB app or DB Navigator app, these app show that we must take Brugge to Bruxelles Midi, then take Thalys from there to Paris. If we edit the options by putting via Kortrijk or via Lille Flandres, these apps keep pointing out that we must go to Bruxelles Midi to go to Paris, resulting 4 to 5 change of train. We prefer max 2 change of train and hope to reach Paris around 1 or 2pm.

We are so confused now. Please advise. 


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The schedules for that route to Lille are not in the system yet so you are getting bad results based on incomplete data.

Saturdays up to the 28-10 are showing times do not vary much so looking at a closer date will likely give the same service pattern. Expect that for the date you are looking at schedules will get added to the planners in the next few weeks.

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Plan this journey (Bruges-Lille-Flandres) via the Belgian Railways.

I think there are engineering works somewhere between Bruges and Kortrijk that weekend, so you’ll take the route via Ghent.

The train from Ghent is (usually) a direct one to Lille. If it states you need a transfer in Kortrijk on the same platform (like above), it means that it’s actually the same train. Board the last 3 carriages in Gent to make sure you’re in the right part to Lille. Ask the conductor if you’re not sure where to sit.