Caledonian Sleeper two travel days?


my friend and I have booked a trip with the Caledonian Sleeper from Edinburgh to London. The train departures at 23:40 from Edinburgh and arrives next day at 07:07 in London. On the app the trip is splitted by Edinburgh (23:40) → Carstairs (00:20) and Carstairs (00:20) → London (07:07). If we would activate both trip, we would spend two travel days. But we only want to spend the day of our arrival in London (like Caledonian Sleeper conditions says). How should this be handled?


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23.40 GMT is 00.40 CET so there shouldn't be a problem? Am I correct? @rvdborgt @seewulf 

The whole trip is during the same travel day. 

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The app is not displaying that train correctly. It is 2 portions that join at Carstairs, your train runs directly from Edinburgh, you do not have to change trains.


The app being fixed to CET not British summertime may mean it doesn’t matter but my advice would be to just activate the Carstairs to London journey.


The Caldonian Sleeper conditions being at odds with the default day of departure rule the app automatically imposes means that for many this will be an issue that following the rules will mean using 2 days or the “wrong” day. My take is to use whichever convention suits your plans best, certainly do not burn a day you will otherwise not use.