Can I have two mobile passes on one phone for reservation purposes but activate them separately?

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Hi have a couple of questions related to adding passes to a trip and make reservation for 2 people:

  1. Can I add two passes on my phone for reservation purposes? Can the second traveler add it to his phone in order to “activate” it at a later stage?
  2. Can I make reservation for 2 travelers with my phone indicating second traveler informations and if needed pass number? Will this be reflected on his phone when he connect his pass to our trip?
  3. Is it mandatory for the second traveler to make his own account to use the pass?

For the time being this is all and I thank in advance people available to answer the above.

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P.S. As I will have additional questions moving forward should I use the conversation option rather than the question one?


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 Hi @Gigi Lisi 

To answer your questions:

  1. You can add as many Passes as you wish on your device. However let me remind you that reservations can be made without having the Passes activated. Reservations and Passes are differently treated, meaning that reservation won’t be connected to your trip on your App. If you add a second Pass to your device, the owner of that Pass won’t be able to activate in his/her/their own device. He/she/they would have to contact the customer service, so it would be deactivated by one of the Agents. 
  2. You can do this without problem, but keep in mind that it wont show in any of the Passes, since reservations are independently from the Pass. You would have to show both (reservations and QR code) at the train inspection. 
  3. This is not mandatory, it is only required when buying seat reservations. 

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I have a similar issue as I want to be able to sit with my partner so should we make the reservation under one of our passes to guarantee that.

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Reservations only require one pass for multiple passes. Usually a single reservation for several passengers will be seated together, but on busy trains this may not be possible, when the company will seat you as close together as possible. Some companies allow you to select seats but usually they are simply allocated.

There is a recent post where the seats were single airline type seats one behind the other with more info (Look for Karlsruhe in the title)