Can I make reservations even though online reservation closed

I will travel around Europe for the first time with Interrail Pass this week.

My plan starts from Krakow, and move to Warsaw, Berlin and Paris.


When I checked the booking page of Interrail website, most bookings of international trains were already closed so I was worried about not taking any trains there.


Can I make reservations at ticket offices in Poland and Germany even though online booking were closed?


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What do you mean by "bookings are already closed”?

Trains can generally be booked up until departure.

But sure you can book trains at the ticket office.

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If you give your travel details (departure date, time and route) here, you can get advice on where to make your reservations.

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For only IN PL-go to PKP counter-its free. To B/DE: they can of course also do that and not only in Waw, and I think, with some effort, they can also do B→ chsnge point to Paris train. OR you can do it yourself via only (its optional).

To P it all depends on what train/date/route.

DO search for the far better REServ overview by seewulf-on how to out of the app and also save money