Can I travel on a train that requires a seat reservation if I'm told at the station reservations aren't required? Is it possible the info on the app is wrong?

I’ve got an Interrail Global Mobile Pass. I want to travel from Ljubljana to Zagreb at 8.30am. The Interrail app tells me a seat reservation is required. However, when I tried to reserve a seat at Ljubljana station today, the lady told me seat reservations are not required for that journey. I asked if I could reserve a seat anyway, and she said that’s not possible as they don’t do any seat reservations on that train. Will I still be able to connect that journey using the app? Is it possible the information on the app is wrong or out -of-date?


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sure you can add the journey, because the reservations are not connected with the app. 

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The app is WRONG-as we have told here a few million times by now. Best one for this is will exactly (well, in 99,98%) show if its required=mandatory, optional or not possible.

And it should go without saying/thinking that advice from local station is from people who know it best! Or?