Can’t book a seat reservation from Munich to Vienna

  • 3 October 2023
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New to Eurail. Bought our tickets from Munich to Vienna through the Rail Planner app and when we went to make the seat reservations, I get a message at the end telling me they are sold out. We have a 1st class pass and tried booking 1st and 2nd class seat reservations in any configuration. Any suggestions? Will we get a seat? Or for that matter, will we get on the train? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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9 replies

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Well we need more info to answer. Which train on what day ?

You do not book a ticket through Rail Planner, you only log which train you'd like to take. This can be done at any time prior to boarding. Sometimes you need to add mandatory reservations, sometimes you don't.

Reservations are optional on RJX (like most European trains) but a good idea on a popular route like Munich - Vienna.

Reservations are cheaper when bought through the railway company : they're even free with a 1st class pass on ÖBB (Austrian Railways) ! Go to, add Interrail/Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets.

Hello and thanks for responding. We have two tickets from Garmisch to Vienna, departing at 11:06 with a transfer in Munich, leaving Munich at 1329 and arriving in Vienna at 1732 on train RJX67. When I tried via DB’s website to reserve seats from Munich to Vienna, I get a message saying “reservation cannot be made” and then I click back and it has the message, “All seats already fully booked.” I have tried the trains before and after and get the same messages, so I’m wondering if we have a seat or need to do anything. We have the QR codes for the passes.

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You need to say what date, without that only generic advice as @thibcabe has already posted can be given.

Sorry, I left that out. October 5.

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So it looks like your train doesn't have seats remaining in 1st class. This means that you are allowed to board but do not have a seat guarantee : you may have to swap seats or stand for part of the journey.

Your alternatives are :

- travel in 2nd class (3€ on with a seat map)

- take another train, either earlier or later (options down below)

Cross-border trains are always popular and capacity tends to be limited.

You could also make a break in Salzburg on your way to Vienna for example. :)

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Option 1 :

- RB Garmisch - München Hbf 10:05 - 11:26

- somewhat long walk across the station

- RB München Hbf - Salzburg Hbf 11:55 - 13:42

- RJ Salzburg Hbf - Wien Hbf 14:11 - 17:05 0€ 1st class

Option 2 :

- RB Garmish - München Hbf

THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help. We’ll look

at those options. This is new for us and each trip is a learning opportunity. Thanks again.

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You're welcome. I may update the post above with another option if I find something.

The Eurail Pass gives you a lot of flexibility so feel free to take any train you'd like and/or change plans along the way. Reservations are optional in that part of Europe and not possible on regional trains anyway. :)

You may want to have a look at these 2 links :

Westbahn also operates trains on Munich - Vienna, however 1st class passholders can only travel in 2nd class (for an unknown reason). They use double-decker trains and reservations cost 4.90€.

Feel free to ask further questions and enjoy your trip

Hello. Just wanted to follow up and say thanks. We found seats on an earlier train and learned a little more about traveling by train and passes.