Can't book a specific seat reservation?

  • 3 April 2023
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I am trying to make seat reservations for trains from Paris to Lucerne on 7th May 2023. One leg is Paris Est to Strasbourg (France) on ICE9571 leaving Paris Est at 6:55 am.  Even though it shows up in the search with reservation cost, when I go forward and fill in the passenger details, it fails with “‘One of the legs of your journey is not available anymore” error. I am not able to confirm and pay for the reservation. 

I have searched for topics in the community (thanks for that, there are a lot of good info available) and when I tried to book directly on the train company website but there also I couldn’t go forward. 

I am attaching a few screenshots below.

1/ What is the best way to move forward? 

I also have a couple of related question.

2/ When I planed the trip on (not logged in) it showed USD12.80 as the 2nd class seat reservation fee. But, after logging in, for the same train it shows USD24.00 as the fee. In both the searches I have “Included in Pass” filter selected. Sometimes even when logged in, it shows USD12.80 but as soon as I select the itinerary the right side shows higher fee of USD24.00. Any reason why this is happening? 

3/ When I tried to book on, it doesn’t show “eurail global pass” as an option. (Screenshot below). 

For Question 1 - It is showing up as seat reservation possible in but unable to go forward (after logging in)

(DB site shows it is not possible to reserve - I tried for a various dates also to make sure it is not sold out for the day I am looking for) 


For Question 2, after logging in, the seat reservation cost for the same train shows more (USD23.98). 


For Question 3: Global Pass not showing up as an option to select. 



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4€ booking fee per order though (while on 2€ per person)


On French TGVs there is a limited 10€ seat reservation, then it's 20€ until the train is full. Eurail doesn't show the adapted price.

The 06:55 ICE costs 20€ per person. The 07:58 TGV is 10€. You then have to spend an hour (or more if you want) in Strasbourg so it's up to you. Strasbourg is a nice city :) doesn't work on cross-border journeys or within France journeys.

Thank you @thibcabe. It was very helpful. 


Is there any options available to book discounted seat reservation from Florence (Italy) to Rome (Italy). We are looking to book 4 adult tickets on 14-May-23 morning hours (FR9591 - FRECCIAROSSA). eurail cost is USD52.32 total (for 4 seats) 




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Yes please use

It costs 10€ per person with no booking fee so 40€ in total (or 43.5$)

Add Interrail/Eurail as a discount for every passenger and then select one-way tickets.

Let me know if it doesn't work.

Thanks again @thibcabe . I tried it even earlier and also now but for trains from Florence to Rome, it says Ticket Not Available. I checked for many dates and times. 

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I believe it is because you selected seat reservations instead of one-way tickets. It's a bit counter-intuitive I agree !

Let me know if it still doesn't work for you