Can't book reservation Bucharest-Istanbul


As I can’t make a reservation for the Bucharest Istanbul train online, and yet would like to avoid any potential disasters as I am travelling with my panicky father, would there be any way for someone to make the reservation for us at Bucharest train station/is there any way at all that I can make the reservation in advance: We will only be arriving in Bucharest a couple of hours before taking the train, so that’s why there could be a problem.


In any case, how full would the train be likely to be in September?




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Youd better first check the final=last day as it runs only summerseason.

All reports till now always tell its perhaps only half full. BUT as of yesterday (but I think the SOF portion) was said to be full.

AND double check -as I assume you´ll come from Budapest?-the then situation for Trains HU->RO, as there are works planned-quite long time-on at least 1 of the 2 major routes.

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In September main season is over, so likely there are gonna be maybe around 10 travellers in the best case in your waggon (if there is not a huge group traveling). Should be possible to get a reservation just after arrival at the international ticket office in Bucharest. Of course no 100% guarantee, but to 98% it will work.