Can't book reservation '''no prices available''. Any alternatives?

  • 7 May 2022
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Hey everyone

I think I have waited too long to buy the reservation for my train tomorrow from London to Paris. Now all it says on the website is “no prices availible”. 

Is there any way I can still get a reservation if I ask at the trainstation and try to book a reservation there? Has anyone been in the same situation? I am kind of desperate, please if you have any tips or ideas on how I could still get a reservation I would be very greatfull! 

Thanks, safe travels!

1 reply

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ONly-if any seats are left- at full fare=sky high. There probably is even a ´serviceee too just for their willingness to have someone selling tix there.

€* only has a very limited nr of quota-seats for passholders so yes, you have left it too late. These are -due to suddenyl much higher demand-all taken on busier days 2-3 weeks before.

If the purse is smaller-consider BUS or fly.