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I have a problem that I can’t seem to find the solution to. I’m going from Paris-Madrid in July and it is obligated to buy seat reservations. Since that’s not possible on the app, I called Deutsche Bahn but they said I can only do that in France. Than I also called French railway and you can’t buy reservations without american express that I don’t have. 

I really need to make this reservation quick since I’ scared that there won’t be any seats left. Does anyone have any idea please?

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As expected you had sadly the wrong serviceagent on the phone of DB :/ But you need there aswell a CreditCard :/ and you have to provide the serviceagent with the trainnumber of your train between Barcelona - Mardrid :/

Paris - Barcelona can be done by SNCF as discripted here several times :) but as you alraedy know you need a CreditCard (in my experience doesnt have to be AmericanExpress can be Visacard or Mastercard aswell)

Barcelona - Mardrid can be done by ticket agent with access to the German booking system (if you know the trainnumer you wanna reserve) or at a Ticket desk of Spanish Rail in Spain :/

Besides that there are currently no options.


i just did it this week. For Paris-Madrid, I managed through Deutsche Bahn hotline, took ages, but the lady told me that Spain is actually pretty easy at the moment. I had to switch some connections (mid/end july) as a lot is already booked out.

For Madrid-France I managed to do it through the rail planner site of eurail (Madrid Narbonne and Narbonne Lyon). sncf hotline helped for Brussels Valence.

i would try both sncf hotline (try to do better then me in spelling your name :-) :-)) and deutsche bahn. Deutsche bahn kept me on the line for 1.5hrs, I think they are artificially slow to get more money out of the transaction. 

i think next time I will use a travel agency to do the booking, it’s not nice to have half a trip ready without any clue if the other half will even be possible.



Sncf hotline I paid with a European credit card, no problem.