Can't book seat reservations Rome to Munich

Hello, I have already purchased the pass for the month of August and I can not book the Rome to Munich route, because I can not add to my shopping cart the train trip for August 17, the system tells me that it is an invalid purchase, I have insisted several days and tells me the same error. What can I do about it?



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You didn't say which train(s), but if you're trying to book the direct night train at 20:17, it's better to book it via ÖBB. Do NOT use the "Seat only” option but add the "Interrail / Eurail” discount to each person and then look for normal tickets. Seats are 14€; couchette or sleeper more of course.

If you're trying to book another connection, then specify which train(s) exactly, with departure times.

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Hi did you try to book diretly via austrian railways that is the company of this Nightjet service?

visit and click on one way ticket and at adult add the discount Interrail/Eurail Global Pass. 

Reservation starts at 14€ for a seat. Maybe some categories are sold out.