Can't book Split to Budapest

  • 8 June 2022
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Hey there, I have activated my 22 day global interrail pass, and have been trying to book some reservations on trains throughout our trip from July 21-August 11. For practically every train that requires a booking, I can’t figure out how to actually book it. It either says prices not available, or otherwise does not appear to let me access a booking page. The main train reservation I want to book is the euronight from Split to Budapest on the 30th July, and I have the same problems when trying to book through the Ceske Drahy site as well. However, I am finding this problem on nearly every other route as well on the eurail site, and wondering if I am missing something? Thanks in advance for any help!


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The best way to book depends on the train. The night train Split - Budapest can be booked via MÁV (Hungarian railways), see this post. But… I can't find this train there on 30 July, although it should run on Saturdays. It might already be fully booked. Split is very popular in summer.

As to booking other trains: If you want advice on where/how to book, please post the exact train(s): origin, destination, date and departure time.