Can't book the reservation for the Milano Centrale - Arth Goldau leg of Firenze-Basel trip via oebb

  • 21 July 2022
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I need to buy a train ticket from Firenze to Basel. On the railplanner it says there is a trip from Firenze SMN to Milano Centrale, then Milano Centrale to Arth-Goldau, then Arth Goldau to Basel SBB. I can buy a train tickets for all these section except the Milano Centrale - Arth Goldau, for which the website says “Tickets unavailable”. It is an “EC” Eurocity train. Why can’t I buy it on this website? Can I only go through the rail planner app to buy the ticket for this section of the trip?


Also, I’m not too familliar with the train system in Italy, are the trains usually on time? Are there often train problem?

How much time do you think is needed to switch trains at Milano Centrale?


Thanks so much!


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Hello Linda! Thank you for your question and please accept my apology for the late response. Please allow me to explain that the rail planner app will redirect you to the methods of reservation, but it works separately from the Pass-  the Pass and seat reservations are independent and, as such, reservations will not show in the app. You will receive them by email or by post-depending on the type of reservation offered- and you will need to show the Pass and the seat reservations during controls.

I'd recommend booking via the self service page: Book your reservations (

As for the changeover time, I would suggest checking it locally or at the carrier's website.


I hope this helps!

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