Can’t book train Ljubljana - Split

  • 22 July 2022
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We are trying to book seat reservations to travel from Ljubljana to Split on 4th-5th August, but on all the routes there’s at least one leg of the trip that says it requires reservation and it’s not available to buy. We’ve also looked on other websites such as OBB but same issue. It says it’s a regional train, can we still get it without reserving? Not sure whether to just wing it when we get there.


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2 replies

I'm having a similar issue. Can't book any seat from Split to Zagreb or Budapest!! App says no reservation needed but website says reservation and all sold out for at least a week around my planned travel day.

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The sector Zag-SPLIt MUST be reserved-in summer, and once there youll understand why.

The other legs not. IT can only be done when there in HR=Hrvatska=Croatia for you, and is not possible online.