Can't buy Reservations Essen - Barcelona - can't click on ''proceed to payment''

Does anyone know if there is an error in the interrail reservation booking system right now? I've been trying to buy my reservations (yes, unfortunately late) for Essen (Germany) to Barcelona and back in July since yesterday. I have also found connections, but in the purchase process I can't click on the button to proceed to payment.

I am very very frustrated and even considering flying!


Best answer by Claudi. 11 August 2022, 14:06

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There are probably better ways. Please post the trains you want to book (origin, destination, date, departure time), so people can advise.

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you caNOT book thsi-plus that its far more as 1 train-you should have thought a little more and tell what trains intend to use. Slso: do yyou eant to save money on these high supplmts or does not matter?

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Hello, I am sorry that you've had trouble reserving paper tickets to travel to Barcelona. It might be that we would've been unable to deliver them in time. The only other alternative in this case would be to book locally at the station or by calling SNCF on 0033 18494 3635. Please remember to enter #85 for English assistance :)