can't find any journeys of my trip on the app

  • 29 December 2022
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Je ne parviens à trouver quasiment aucun de mes voyages sur l'application. J'avoue que cela me freine à prendre mon pass. Arrivée à Budapest ou à Vienne, je souhaite aller jusqu'à Athènes mais j'ai essayé toutes les possibilités (Sofia, Belgrade, Skopje...) et je ne trouve rien.

Comment faire ? 


Merci d'avance,




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Oh my dear-did you not read what was told to you in extensive answers in other Q?

NO= NON, pas de Trains via old Yugoslavija-or at least not via its borders between all thee new countries. IF you insist on doing it by train: have to go vi ROmania and BG, and even then there is  a gap of some 30/40 kms wit no train. Check the other posts-or for full info. What there not is one cannot put in an app or site.

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Bulgarian railways were very late publishing their timetables, so no other planners have them yet. For international trains to/from Bulgaria, see and for domestic trains use the BDZ planner:

Please never use the rail planner app to plan. It is not reliable because it doesn't get enough updates. To travel, you can always enter your train manually to generate a QR code.