Can't find booked train schedule in app

We are tried to book the inbound trip from Copenhagen and back to Norrköping, on 7 of august.

When we add the journey in the interrail app we find a trip at 15:07-15:46 from Copenhagen to Malmö (Train RE1066) and continues with 16:04-19:19 from Malmö C to Norrköping(HST544).

The High speed train needs a seat reservation, but when we try to reservate a seat we didn’t fint the same train on the seat reservation website.. Instead we found a trip at 15:07-16:35 from Copenhagen to Hässleholm (RE1066), 16:57-17:53 Hässleholm C- Älmhult (BUS60544), and 18:08 -20:20Älmhult-Norrköping (HST546).

 It seems like the interrail app and the seat reservation website don’t match, we can’t find either of these trips in the other site. Now we already booked a ticket on the later of the trips (HST546) and we would like to use this as our inbound journey, but we need help to add this trip to our journey in some way.

What can we do?



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Hi check directly on the website of the train company about the train. The app is not up-to-date, the reservation system a bit more, but also has some problems. Due to works on track in Sweden, some trains do not run, run on different times or are replaced by a bus. 

You can book the reservation also via SJ online using as discount card Interrail, you need a Paper Pass Cover Number that you can request via Direct Message via Social Media of To check if seat are free you can use as Interrail Pass Number I12345678

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@Angelo few hours ago they published the PassCoverNumber generator 

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@seewulf have you a link?


UPDATE: I found it, Thanks!

Pass Cover Number generator is live | Community (