Can't select Wolfsburg station

  • 24 June 2022
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Hi I want to buy the 7 day pass but I couldn’t select the Wolfsburg station so I was wondering if you have a train station there or you don’t go to that destination


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No it has a station and it has ICE trains-the big main line Hannover-Berlin. Ive never seen that a german normal station is not in the list, but its always possible to write stations by own hand-scroll down till bottom and follow steps. In some hardly visited countries (Estonia, Trukey) nearly all stops are not listed

So I could take one from Hanover to Wolfsburg ?

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So I could take one from Hanover to Wolfsburg ?

Sure. What did you mean by "couldn’t select the Wolfsburg station”? Where was that? If that was on any of the maps, then just ignore it. The Eurail pass is valid on the trains of the participating companies and therefore to all stations served by these trains.

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Well_I passed Wolfsburg this afternoon-coming off a Landesbus and into an enno local train to where I sit now in HTL. The AutoLand of VW is just behind the rather small station-and the area near has been totally redeveloped into a kind of modern style urban landscape-even walker-friendly in this utmost car-city that does not look like a city at all.

Local enno trains run hourly Hann-WOB. There are also many ICE trains -as said its on the main hi-speed line to Berlin-that ride in ICE is just 25/30 mins-but times will be theory as all DB-ICE are delayed-always.