Can you reserve Renfe tickets at a UK train station?

  • 1 September 2022
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Cant book renfe reservations online, it says I need to do it at a train station in Europe=- does england count? Likke could I go to a big station in London and do it?


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5 replies

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No. The UK reservation system(s) isn’t compatible.

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DB agencies in UK should be able to do this.

check page 18 on this document

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DB used to have 1 office in GB in Surbiton (?_a commuter place near to LON) but I understand this was done away with and now its all long-distance online service.

The assortment of british railways have done away with anything out of that funny island in the North Sea already way before <2000.

Without telling what sectors and for what days its impossible to tell if its worth even all the trouble or not. Some more flexibility might also help.

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Hi @hannahLM 

Unfortunately reservations for Renfe are only possible through our Portal of reservations or directly on any large station in Spain. You can find more info here:

Have a lovely day!

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The Renfe-SNCF train between France and Spain can be booked through the Interrail reservation self-service. Since this can only be issued in paper format, please be sure to make these reservations at least 2 weeks before your intended date of departure. You can also make this reservation by calling SNCF on +33 1 84 94 3635 (please press #85 for English assistance). All reservations for regional travel can be made locally at long distance stations in Spain. You can view a full list here. In theory, it should also be possible to pre-reserve tickets by calling Renfe's phone sales on +34 91 232 03 20. You can read more about traveling in Spain over here