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  • 21 February 2022
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I have a question regarding seat reservations. I am planning to travel from 26-06 untill 07-07 through Scandinavia. For this I bought the interrail global pass. Now I wanted to look to make seat reservations for the trains, but there is not possibility to reserve any seats on the tracks I want. They all show an exclamation mark on the site and when I look on the other site, like for example for Sweden, it says 'not available'.

I looked for seats on the track Stockholm to Kopenhagen (29-06), Copenhagen to Gothenburg (02-07) and Gothenburg to Oslo (04-07). I thought everything would be fine as I looked up train times before buying the pass, but now I cannot reserve seats so that would mean I got the pass and booked flights for nothing. Or is this because it is still so far away and will there be seats available later? I would like to know more about this. I hope someone can help me and inform me about this. 

Thanks in advance.


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No need to worry. The Interrail website isn't the only place where you can book reservations. In fact, I haven’t used it until now because it charges extra. And indeed, your journey is still quite far in the future, so that may also be a reason (I didn't check).

For reservations in Sweden, including from/to Copenhagen, the best place to book is the SJ website. You'll need a pass cover number, which is on the paper pass cover, or if you have a mobile pass, you can request one here.

For Copenhagen - Gothenburg on 2 July, it could be that the timetable has not yet been fixed, since I don't see the direct trains (reservation-free by the way) from Copenhagen. Possibly there are engineering works on that day. You could ask the operator (Öresundståg) what their timetable will be on 2 July.

The direct trains from Gothenburg to Oslo are operated by the Norwegian company Vy. Reservation should be possible via Entur, see this page (scroll down to Norway).

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The timetable for Copenhagen-Gothenburg on the 2th of July is now released. There are no direct trains that day, probably due to construction works, but there are several options where you have to change trains 2 or 3 times. All info is avaliable at