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We are currently in Scotland. We are trying to book a trip to Germany, that stops over in London, but somehow we can't. We tried to test it if its just London. But we can't book anything. We paid for the one month pass for approximately €682ish or $1100+ NZD.  We were wondering, if there are extra costs to actually book a train ride etc. What is the use of buying that expensive one month pass? Help please. If only we knew, we wouldn't have booked a eurail pass that expensive if it was going to be useless


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If you give the details (departure date, time and route) of the reservations you are trying to make here, you will get advice on how to make the reservations.

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Its UK-strikes and ONLY sell (since even long <2000 when there was no talk of any Brexit) for domestic is the rule there.

You have to organise rest yourself-and this €* Lon-to ´continent´ is the main bottleneck. Best is to go via BRUssel (but you again did not clearly state to where in Deutschland and its too early yet for Oktoberfest), it will also cost extra and this train has quota for passholders.

Find the overview of how to do REServ by seewulf-for this EuroStar its : via b-rail (online =+4€) or fone (=pay for long time on hold on fone).

From BRU its only optional-can do, but not need to-but trains can get pretty full. Its also MASK wearing still in DE-not anymore till their border