Changing trains at Copenhagen airport

I'm so grateful for the help I have already received here! There seems to be an endless amount of questions while planning a longer trip, so one more question. If I change from Vejle- Copenhagen airport to Copenhagen airport- Stockholm (time of arrival 12.25, departure 12.35), will the trains leave from the same platform, meaning, will there be enough time for the change?


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If you download the app for the Danish railway (Danske Statsbaner) you can look for this information yourself.

It is always a good idea to download the app for the national railway companies for countries where you travel. Then you will see  which platform  trains arrive/depart from and you will see updated departure and arrival times.

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If the train is on time, then no problem. The station at the airport isn’t huge. Should be even same platform, but you can check for some random date and see it.

Thanks for the tips!