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  • 20 January 2024
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My husband and I are from the US. In the US….train usage isn’t something we do. As a result, I an clueless on how to make a booking. I am entering our travel cities and nothing generates. We are needing the train for two trips.

  1. From Dublin Airport area to York UK. Our flight lands at 5am. In a perfect world, it is no fun hanging out in an airport for hours after an international flight lands. We would like to be on a train heading to York by 8am. I am simply attempting to find information on this path to see what I will have to book closer to our actual arrival. Nothing is generating.
  2. From York UK to Edinburgh, Scotland. Departure time 12 noon or earlier. We need to be in Edinburgh by 3pm. 

Can anyone please help me figure out the trains we will have to take? 

Also, is it more cost effective to purchase one of the offered Euro Passes?



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From Dublin, Ireland, you need to take the ferry to the UK as Ireland is an island without trains to the UK.

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From Dublin to the UK, there are a couple of ‘Sail + Rail’ routes. The most useful for you would be by ferry to Holyhead and then train to York.

I don’t think the Eurail pass gives you any discount on this ferry, but I may be wrong. The journey is explained here:

York to Edinburgh has frequent trains, at least every 30 minutes, taking about 2.5 hours.

If these are your only journeys, a pass won’t be good value for you. Just buy tickets.

Well that explains why I am finding nothing. So from the airport we take a taxi to the ferry terminal and then once in the UK the train? Geeze it sounds like it may be cheaper to fly. LOL. Thanks for the info regarding Ireland to the UK

Do you know if there is a train from York to Edinburgh?

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There is 100-120 km of water between Ireland and the UK, maybe there will be a tunnel one day but not in the near future!

It will certainly be cheaper to fly, train tickets aren't always the cheapest option (unfortunately!), especially not in the UK... as expensive as Switzerland, if not more. Advance tickets are better value but you're tied to a train.

It would be taxi to harbour, 3h ferry and 4h30-5h train journey. I'm all for the train but I believe I'd fly this time. You'll already be at the airport if I understand correctly so only leave plenty of margin for the self-connection.

There are least 2 hourly trains between York and Edinburgh. You can check for timetables

Good feedback. Yes, I was thinking the same, it will be cheaper to fly especially since we will already be at the airport,. There aren’t a bunch of flights unfortunately going to Leeds from Dublin. If we miss the morning flight, which is highly possible since we will have to go through customs from the International wing….the next flight is 12 hours later with Aer Lingus

We will figure it out. Thanks

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Leeds is closer to York but Manchester might be more convenient :

- frequent flights

- train station right at the airport

- 2h train journey, direct train leaving every hour at xx:44

An advance but still flexible* ticket costs 24.50£.

Delayed flights


As a special concession customers with an Airport Advance ticket, with an origin of Manchester Airport or Lpool Airport Bus, if their flight is delayed, will be allowed to travel on the next TransPennine Express service to their destination. This concession is available for up to 3 hours after the departure time of their original service or if the next service to their destination is timed to depart more than 3 hours after the original departure time they may use this service.

Please note: At least one hour is required from Terminal to train (taking into account the time required to clear immigration, customs and baggage collection). Your ticket will not be endorsed should you not leave sufficient time to reach your chosen service before it departs. Your flight details will be verified in the event you are delayed.

Thanks everyone….After hearing what travelers are saying, I decided flying is best in our particular case. Aer Lingus….here we come. LOL. 

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There are a few airports that serve York. Leeds Bradford (LBA), Manchester (MAN), Newcastle (NCL) would be the obvious ones. You can check on Google flights or similar for prices. Beware of lots of extra charges if you choose Ryanair!

Manchester would probably be easiest, because you can get a direct train from Manchester Airport to York.

For all UK train tickets, you can check prices on a site such as Don’t look too far ahead, the cheapest tickets go on sale about 12 weeks before departure.