Concerned about not getting seats on popular train routes Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal)

  • 18 May 2022
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Digging through the posts about Portugal reservations, I understand that I won’t be able to make my reservation until I am actually there. However, I am concerned about actually being able to get seats on a popular train route (Faro-Lisbon) for the dates that I want to travel. It’s all over the eurail website to reserve ASAP because clearly summer is a busy time. I won’t be in portugal until 4 days before I want to take the train (in July). I think I have read somewhere that Portugal does not have the same restrictions as France, etc, on the number of eurail passholder seats per train - can someone confirm this or help point me towards more information? Thanks!


Also, is anyone else disappointed in the Eurail program for southern europe? I ended up just buying tickets for Spain individually and am going to just leave travel days unused because I was watching trains fill up before my eyes (for dates months out), because I had no way to book reservations and didn’t want to mess up destination planning...

1 reply

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Yes, we also tell this many times/day that ESpana is the very worst in making life troublesome for pasholders.

IN PT : the usual busy times-and this holds for about any where for longer distance in EUR; FRI eve FROM big cities (uni students!!) and SUN eve back to these. But in main holidays this pattern moves.

Also I think that there are still a few-much slower local trains, maybe with change en route from L to Algarve-if use app scan set to ´REServ free´ or use and ´nur nahverkehr´. Or simply on and check.

PLUS that its really complete nonsense to think that trains are fully booked weeks ahead-if that were so, it would have no use to run a railsystem. As I´ve by now told so many times-in the past anyone would even be able to grasp this by themselves: just after ARR somewhere do not rush out but take the odd extra min to make booking for next leg.