Connection between trains

  • 4 April 2022
  • 3 replies

I want to book a train from Paris to Bruges, and it tells me that I have to connect with another train, however it only indicates 5min for the change if the change can be made in 5min

3 replies

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Where do you have to change the train? Is it Brussel or Antwerp? 


If you miss the connecting train to Bruges, the next train starts 1 hour later, and for this train you don’t need a seat reservation. 

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Probably a connection in Brussels. 5 minutes is possible (it's the minimum connection time) but you have to be quick.

There are multiple trains per hour to Bruges and you don't have to book reservations. If you miss one, just hop in the next one.

Much cheaper by the way is to travel via Lille.

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Indeed-use local INland TGV only to LIlle-walk over to other station-NMBS trains to Kortrijk-gent (chnage K for Brugge) run exactly ev. hour. Save some 20€!

ON sat+sun there are even 2 much slower TER trains Paris-LIlle, via Amiens