Couchette for 4 on the nighttrain France with 2 kids

  • 18 March 2024
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Hi, we're a family with 2 adults and 2 kids of 4,5 years old. We're traveling with second class interrail tickets. We're taking the night train from Cerbère to Paris in April. Yesterday I bought our seat reservations asking for a 4-berth couchette in order to  not disturb other travelers. The person selling us the tickets didn't ask any questions and sold us couchette places in a 4 person couchette. Checking the tickets afterwards, I saw that it's a first class couchette while we only have second class interrail. Would this cause any problems? If so, can I still change these tickets to a 6 person couchette?

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4-person couchettes in France are indeed 1st class.

However, there's a separate fare for booking a 1st class couchette with a 2nd class pass.

What did you pay?

The regular price for a couchette is €20. A 1st class couchette with a 2d class pass looks to be €54.

Thank you. 'unfortunately' we paid €20 per person, 80 in total, so I guess we got the wrong fare. Do you know if I can go and exchange these tickets? 

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They are exchangeable and refundable indeed before departure.

If you bought your reservations from a Belgian ticket office, they should check their documentation (Dutch/French) to book the “upgrade” reservation.