Couchette on Sicily- Otaly sleeper, for solo use only?

  • 28 June 2022
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I just read that Italy has extended it's covid mask rules: still need to wear a mask until late September. On the forum I also read that this means that sleeper/couchette is for solo use only and that it's cheaper to book last minute in trenitalia than through Interail.  (On OBB no availability for the dates I'm looking at)



Current price siracuse-rome 43€ for couchette on Interail (July)..

-> are couchettes shared again then? Meaning masks on while asleep?


If not, seems like a great deal, 43 for a private couchette. Vs high cost of private sleeper







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5 replies

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43€ won't be for a private couchette but rather a shared one.

You can also book it for €41 at an NMBS ticket office that can do international reservations.

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I see, so this means that, although Italy extended masks on trains until late September, couchettes 'can' be shared again? 

Which Would mean sleeping with a mask on

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Unconfirmed-I think I´ve read  a few weeks ago (I think some date in june-when all rules were relaxed) that this was also scrapped-but I guess dear Angelo knows more, as he is ITaliano.

43€ is quite pricey though for a couchette-bunk-even SNCF charges exactly half-21,50.

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I have no idea how it works with shared couchettes and with the masks. But what I know that Interrail reservation for Italian Nighttrains costs often more than super economy tickets of Trenitalia for the same service for couchettes. 

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43€ is quite pricey though for a couchette-bunk-even SNCF charges exactly half-21,50.

SNCF charge 21.50 for a C6 but 1st class + 21.50 for a C4.

Trenitalia charge 41.00 for a C4. Interrail add 2€ booking fee. They don't sell C6 yet. I guess still a COVID measure. Or don't they have C6 couchettes anymore?