Delay compensation - can I do it during my trip or wait till after trip?

  • 18 July 2022
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Hi everyone,


I have a two month interrail pass and it is valid for another 1.5 months as of today. I recently used the pass for a journey which was more than an hour late. Should I wait till end of my pass for compensation of the delay (I plan to travel during the coming days), or can I do it already? 

Note: I know it's technically possible, but I'm looking for suggestions and best practice :) 


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I know there is a link where they explain in detail how to do it, if I remember correctly there is also a form to fill out. Hope that could be helpful, enjoy your trip 😄

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Can only be done after pass is ended. Depends on type of pass and how many days-and perhaps how many more delays to come-what it can offer. Small amounts are not paid out-and expect it to take many monthes before the few € come in your account.

On a continu 2-mo pass you will need at least 3 such delays before the amount is high enough for compens-and if it as a 50% discount pass-even more. In the link of anna is also a table with % to be offered-on the cost of a passday.

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You can request delay compensation at any point. You don't have to wait before your trip is completed. You can request delay compensation here. There is more details about how much we compensate and according to which laws in the policy :) 

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Waste of time to apply for a delay compensation… if you have a 2 months pass, it would be a few euro that you get back…