Delivery issue "Based on our calculations, your order will not arrive on time" Euro Night train

  • 15 June 2022
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Hi, I just tryed to book my seat for my trip with my friend from France to Croatia. But the 2nd train from ZUERICH (Switzerland) to Zagreb (croatia), need tickets delivered by post…  But the website doesn’t accepte because the delivery time of these tickets is too long. How can I fix this problem please.

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Don't book this train via Interrail but via ÖBB. Do NOT use "Seat only” but add the "Interrail / Eurail” discount to every person and then look for normal tickets. It will also be cheaper than via interrail.

@rvdborgt Thank you for your quick answer !


@rvdborgt sorry i have another issue… I just realize that interrail give this travel but there is only 14min between both train departure. According to your experience, do you think it’s possible to keep that

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On which date is this?

the travel

this travel it's july 25th and the arrival is the 26th @rvdborgt 

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IF your national society does its best and runs on time to reach over to the Swiss-then yes, changes in Zúr for even 5-6 mins are common (but need to hurry if you do not know station/gare). IF not-then not. In such a case the swiss railway is responsible to best accommodate you for onward.

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Hm, I'd feel a bit uncomfortable doing that. I'd rather leave Paris 2 hours (direct) or 1 hour (with changes) earlier. 2 hours earlier:

1 hour earlier (reservation only needed until Strasbourg):

You can book these reservations via Eurail (booking fee: 2€ per person and train) or via SNCF by phone (Press #85 for English, no booking fees, reservations are sent via e-mail) or at the SNCF ticket office.

@rvdborgt thanks a lot ! Thanks to you i just found the perfect travel. I dont know how to thank you but you just save me...