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Since the 16th of April, Arriva Denmark calls itself “GoCollective”, since Arriva Denmark was bought of “Mutares”, a German company which tries to return the company to recognized and undisputed profitable market leaders...

The question now is: Is Interrail still valid at these trains, now operated by GoCollective? Please update your information concerning the valid danish transport operators as Arriva is still named.


Best answer by Mukhammad 20 June 2024, 16:24

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@Camilo. @Mukhammad I suppose Arriva needs to be changed in the list of participating companies:

The GoCollective website doesn’t mention Interrail or Eurail anywhere.

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Hi @rvdborgt and @martingntr 

Our communications coordinator has reached out to the carrier. We are handling this as a high priority and I will keep you updated.

Have a nice day!

Yesterday I already chatted with GoCollective, and they say, there is no difference to Arriva, only the name has changed. Interrail- and Eurail-tickets have the same validity like before. But let‘s get checked it by @Camilo. and Interrail themselves.

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Hi @martingntr & @rvdborgt , my apology to come back to this topic just today. We can confirm that the Pass can be used on GoCollective trains (ex-Arriva). Our product team are arranging the information correction on our side. The name change of the company will also be organized in our timetable step by step

Have a nice day! :)