Departing times - will miss the train, can I take the next?

  • 10 June 2022
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Dear Community,
if I added a trip to my one-country pass, but miss the train that leaves on that given time, can I take the next one without changing my ticket in the app?
Is it mandatory to follow the exact times?
Or is it only important to specify from where to where?
Thank you for your reply.


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2 replies

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You need to add the train to the app that you are actually using. If you missed the one that was in the app, then you can delete it and add the correct one.

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Jo napot. Reason: in some countries-other as HU, there may be a multitude of different train companies running on even the same rails-if you only know MAV this is maybe incomprehensible. The app/registration is mainly there so that in the end every operator gets its share of the income.

F.e. in Austria from Bëcs to Salzburg you may use WestBahn (private) or state owned OeBB.