Destinations on Eurailpass - some journeys do not show in the App

I will be purchasing a Eurail Pass for a trip in June and July. I have been looking at the destinations and some of the places I plan to go do not show up in the Rail Planner, but I know that trains go there because I have traveled on them before. Can I use my Eurail Pass to travel to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berchtesgaden? Neither one of those destinations comes up when I search for them in the Rail Planner. I want to make sure of this before purchasing my passes. Also, if they do not show up in Rail Planner and I can indeed use Eurail Pass to travel there, how do I make reservations if they destinations do not appear in the Rail Planner. Thanks.


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If you don't see these stations, then please check if there are app updates. They should definitely appear and you can use Eurail to get there.

That being said, if a train or a destination is not in the app, that has no influence on the pass validity.  Some railways companies just don't share their timetable (or not all of it) with the rest of the world. But the pass will always be valid on the trains of the participating companies.

Reservations are not made in the app. All it will do is forward you to the Eurail website, or the railways’ own websites (which can be cheaper) to book reservations.

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It has been said here so many times-forget that app. Use a planner like (=german railways, so shows GP and B very well) which works for most of EUR-except as always: what noone has bothered to put in, you cannot get out. Southern railways like Espana and ITaly are notorious for slack works-IT also for delays and strikes.

Also NOte that most likely in june+july+august there is going to be a 9€ MONTH ticket for ONLY regional train/metro/bus/tram in ALL of Germany-these trains serve those places. Giant overcrowding and many uncomfy conditions are expected though-but its $$$$€€€€€€ cheaper as using a pass.