Do I get a new ticket if I miss a train due to delays caused by other operators?

  • 23 June 2022
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I’m wondering what happens if I book seat reservations for connecting trains and miss the second one due to the first one being delayed and it’s not the same operator. For example, I have booked a Eurostar train from Brussels to London and plan to go from London to Sheffield with East Midlands Railway directly after. If the Eurostar is delayed and I miss the second train, will I get refunded/get a new place reservation for the London-Sheffield route? And if anyone has travelled a similar route before, how big of a time margin do you think I should leave for the connection? Final question, it says that the Eurostar arrives at “St Pancras International” and the East Midlands Railway train departs from “St Pancras”. Are they the same station?


(I’m from Sweden and I have a 1st class Global Interrail pass if that is necessary information)




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Not very good example, as RES in GB are optional and free-IF done there at counter. So you could just find  seat in next train without any fuss. The 2 are different parts of same station building-incl. also a kind of shopping centre. Across the road is Kingś Cross station-has far better free lounge for 1st cl if you have to while away time till next.

But in general there are EU-rulings that the railway where you are in at that mo is responsible for putting you on the next available service without further cost-this rather differs in how seriously this is taken by country-and also IF that area has only fully REServed trains-its kinda hard to find seats for you then-as most likely you are not the only 1. In FRance with its many TGV it is known that in such situation you are told to take a kind of emergency seat on ´strapontin´=fold up seat in hallway-and check if there are any free seats left after train has departed.

rian v d borgt is the expert in these matters-its even on his fb page as his speciality


I have travelled a number of times by EMR to London and back from East Midlands. My best guess is that you will be ok in first class on their trains without a reservation. When things go smoothly, the transfer from Eurostar to EMR is easy, in the same building. There are only a few seats near the barriers for EMR, so you might not be able to sit down before the EMR train.