do i have to activate a day in my pass when having seat reservations?

  • 15 August 2023
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I bought a ticket from brussels midi to London st Páncreas International, which required a seat reaervation.

Do I need to activate a day of my Interrail Global Pass (10 days in 2 months) during that journey or is it enough with the train ticket and showing that I have an Int Global Pass?



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2 replies

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The app is your ticket so yes you need to activate a pass day for every train you'd like to take.

On some trains (like Eurostar) you need to add a seat reservation on top of that.

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To be clear. Did you buy a ticket or a seat reservation for the Eurostar? The global pass is your ticket so you shouldn’t buy a ticket, but only a seat reservation. If you bought a ticket, which includes the seat reservation, then you shouldn’t use a travel day.