Do I need to print seat reservations for Italy? Can I make seat reservations at the station?

  • 3 July 2022
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  1. I’ve got a mobile global pass and want to travel in Italy from Ancona to Bologna on Friday 8th July. From what I’ve read here, I can reserve seats using the website. Will this give me an online ticket ie. can I just show the QR code on my phone for the seat reservation? Or do I need to print the QR code to show a physical paper copy?
  2. I’m arriving in Ancona the night before I want to travel. Could I simply go to the station to reserve my seat? Or is there a chance the train will be fully-booked if I leave it that late?




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  1. more likely is that you will not even be asked to show the RES.-they condcutor has it also in her/his own listings
  2. 2 x yes. Note: it is possible-as soon as plans are defintive-to make that RES at any counter in the country and at any time when open and not just from that stop-very much same-same as in GB