'Document not valid for the date' when making ferry reservation - Greek Island 4 day pass

  • 28 June 2022
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I’m trying to reserve a ticket with Blue Star Ferries using my newly activated 4 day Greek Island Pass. 

When I reach the reservation checkout page it tells me that ‘the document is not valid for the date’. 

The date of the ferry I have chosen is definitily within the active dates of the pass so I’m not sure why it isn’t allowing me to reserve a ticket? 

Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? It’s strange because I have reserved one ticket already using my new pass and it worked fine... 




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3 replies

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Look under "Reservations" on this page. There is phone number and email that you can use to make the reservation.

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Are you sure that you have a Greek Islands Ferry Pass? You say "newly activated pass", which sounds like a mobile pass, but the Greek Islands Ferry Pass is only available as a paper pass. 

Hi. Yes, it’s a paper pass that I received a few days ago. It has an activated pass number on it.