Does a seat reservation use off a day off my Global Pass, if cancel it?

  • 28 March 2024
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My mom and I would like to plan our interrail trip to the UK with the Global Pass, but before we book everything, we would like to know:


If we book a seat reservation (which counts as a travel day from the Global Pass) but then cancel it later (because we changed our minds, got sick or something else), can we still use the same day from the Global Pass to make a new reservation? Or is it used off for good?


Thank you in advance!

Matilde & Aline


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There is no connection at all between reservations and the pass, other than (in most cases) your name.

Booking a reservation does not activate a travel day; cancelling a reservation does not cancel a travel day. You can book reservations without activating your pass. You should not activate your pass or any travel days in advance, precisely because something could happen, e.g. you wake up ill and may then want to postpone your journey.

You are completely flexible to change the trains you use on a travel day. The only limit is the availability of any mandatory reservations. Whether you can cancel a reservation depends on the train and where you booked it.