Does the country of the interrail (global) pass matter on b-europe? ''France'' shows no results


I’m trying to book a trip from Montpellier (France) to Paris (France), as part of my outbound travel day (transfer in Paris before going outbound).

Interrail says ‘no prices available’ whereas I can see trips available on sncfconnect, so I’m trying b-europe. If I set ‘interrail pass 2nd class - France’, I have no results, but if I choose any other country, I’m getting results.

Is that become the system cannot understand that it is transfer in Paris? Should I book by giving a wrong country?

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I do not really get it: why not hop on the bike (eco-friendly!0 ride to a gare SNCF and have them handle it for you? Thats why they are working there.

I guess I’ll just do that then!

Turns out the pass is not as easy and flexible as it was supposed to be! :p

Thanks mcadv