Error when booking seats Budapest - Prague

  • 6 May 2022
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Hey, so i´ve tried to get my reservation for a train from Budapest to Prague on the 10th September from 9.40 am to 16.42 pm. But this doesn´t work saying i should try again later.

Then i´ve tried to book reservations for a T3 - Sleeper on the same day but in the evening which should arrive in Prague by 8.42 am. But when i try to book this one it gives me an error code when i try to review my booking just before checkout.


I really need some help because i also can´t book a hostel whilst not knowing if I need it or not when i travel by night train.


Thanks, Luca


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Again-it happens so often. You´re WAY TOO early-REServ only open 2 or maybe 3 month advance. This is common for IR-newbees to think, but railways simply assume their customers know these rules.

Also booking now for ho(S)tels etc is way too early. Most do not even show up on the common booking sites.