Eurail Pass in Spain- Can't reserve seats

  • 5 April 2023
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Hi. My boyfriend and I will be traveling in Spain in the month of June. We bought non-refundable Eurrail passes before we realized we can’t reserve Renfe seats online. Do you think we will have a problem booking trains in person when we arrive in Spain? We will need Barcelona=>Valencia four days after we arrive, so the earliest we can physically go to the station to buy tickets is four days in advance. We are also going to need Malaga=>Seville and Seville=>Madrid, and those will be about a week and a half/two weeks later. Can we buy all the tickets in person in Barcelona? And do you think we will still be able to get the tickets on short notice? Thank you so much in advance!


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4 days in advance should be no problem, there are no quotas. Barcelona - Valencia has multiple daily trains. Buy seat reservations for all the trains of your trip at the first train station you visit and you won't have a problem.

See advice : is extremely helpful