Eurail Pass: Italy only - Reservation questions

  • 30 August 2021
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Dear Community,


I’m about to leave on my trip to Italy and just wanted to ask (and/or confirm) a few things to ensure my understanding of this process is correct.  I have read some of the other posts related to mine, but just wanted to double check.

[1] On the Rail Planner app, I tried to look at train times for 9 September (Thursday) at 9 pm, but when the results show up, it gives me 8 September (Wednesday)….??  Why is that?  Does this have to do with the time difference between Italy and California (where I currently am)?


[2] Is it only possible to book reservations via website or the Rail Planner app?  Is it possible to book reservations in person at the train stations?  (e.g. when I fly into Fiumicino Aeroporto I won’t necessarily know how long immigration and customs will take, so it would be hard to anticipate which train I’ll be able to board).  Would train station personnel accept the Eurail Pass on my Rail Planner app?


[3] Does the TrenItalia app communicate at all with the Rail Planner app? In other words, if I try to book a reservation on the TrenItalia app, will it know I have a Eurail pass?


[4] Is printing out the reservation ticket absolutely necessary?  What if I do not have ready access to a printer whilst traveling?


[5] On the Rail Planner app, if I click to “My Trip”, it says “Travel days: 4/5 left” even though I set the beginning of my trip to be 6 September.  How did I lose a day when I’m not even in Italy yet?

Thanks so much for your help!




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Hi Nicole,

Glad to know you’re about to visit Italy!


To answer all your questions in order:

[1] I wouldn’t know honestly, but I’m currently in Europe and the timetable works fine with me, so you might be right about the different time zones! If you struggle with that, you can also look up departure times on the Trenitalia website:

[2] You can book directly at the station, so no need to do it in advance if you’re not sure of the time you can catch your train. Keep in mind that the Leonardo Express from/to Fiumicino has only 1st class seats and so it requires a 1st class Eurail Pass, though you also have normal regional trains that you can take with a 2nd class Pass and without any reservation.

[3] I’m afraid those apps are not linked. Also, as far as I know, the Trenitalia app does not offer (yet) seat reservations for Pass holders but only normal tickets.

[4] Printing reservations in Italy is not necessary! You can just go with your screen. ;)

[5] The easiest explanation is that you’ve already activated your Pass and added journeys to it for travelling in the future, so those (future) travel days have already been counted as used. If that is the case, you can still modify them. Try to cancel or remove those journeys and the travel days should come back. If that doesn’t work, let us know your Pass number and we’ll check for you.


I hope that helps!