Eurostar Booking but no seat reservation

  • 11 March 2024
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We’ve bought interrail tickets and I’ve just bought a Eurostar ticket for August and received the E-ticket. However it doesn’t tell us where we’re sitting and didn’t ask us where we wanted to sit.


Should I have seat numbers? Is it because it’s so far in advance?


I’m hoping we’re together as we have a young-ish child!


Also we have some friends who want to book separately and want to try to book seats near us.


Postscript - I’ve just received a separate email saying I need to validate the tickets with Eurostar to get the seat numbers. Keeping this post up in case it helps others...


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2 replies

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This is quite weird. Remember that the pass is your ticket, you probably mean passholder seat reservations?

Where did you book those? You should receive minutes later an email with a PDF mentioning seat numbers and everything. You can't choose them.

In any case for Eurostar services to/from London it's easy to change seats : go to under manage my booking and you'll have access to a seat map.

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Seems strange. Where did you buy the reservation? How much did you pay?