Eurostar leaving later and missing future connections

  • 8 December 2022
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Hi everyone, 

I have a journey booked from London to Zermatt (Switzerland) on Saturday 17th of December and have booked reservations for three trains (not required for other bits of the journey). 

I’ve just received an email saying my eurostar will leave 40 mins after it was originally planned. This means that I will miss the next legs of the journey. I have two questions: 

  1. Will my TGV reservation be valid on the next available train?
  2. Am I able to get a full refund for my reservations now the first leg has changed?

I’m having a bit of trouble contacting anyone on this so would really appreciate any advice. 







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When your journey is delayed and the resulting expected delay at your destination will be more than 1 hour, you have the choice between:

  1. Cancel your journey and get a full refund.
  2. Travel at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Travel at a later date of your choice.

(EU Regulation 1371/2007, article 16).

For option 1, contact the place where you bought your reservation.

Options 2 and 3 must be offered without additional costs and without taking into account any pass holder quota. If you get stranded, overnight accommodation must be provided (EU Regulation 1371/2007, article 18).

If you choose one of the options, then you can't get one of the others anymore.

So if you want to travel with the earliest opportunity, then you don't ask for a refund but have the railways rebook you without any costs. If needed, on the spot.

Which Eurostar and onward trains did you originally plan?


@Tilly Burns Hello! I am sorry to read this! You can claim a refund for a delayed/cancelled train. If you placed your seat reservation with us, please let us know the order number (starting with ''R") and we will investigate further. Otherwise, please contact the agent you purchased your seat reservation with. 

You can apply for a delay compensation by filling in the form on our website.
Our Delay Compensation Policy also applies to cancelled trains in certain cases. Please read the policy carefully:

If you have any additional questions, please contact us again.

Best regards,